c02 blowerbig confetti shot confetti glitter Blown it, Throw it, Drop it or Fire it if you wnat to use conffeti we have a number of options.

From noisy good time celebrations to the spreading of Poppys in act of remembrence the delivery system is key.

To avoide the embarasing look of a party popper in the middle of a stadium our large CO2 powered cannons can give continuous supply delivering the payload up to 30 meters away at ground level while considerably further if elevated.

big confetti cannon For remote use and an impressive single hit the twin barrell Big Shot is a compresed air powered solution that can be floor based or suspended from a suitable position.

For gentle delivery the Rotation Pots will near silentley produce a rain fall of anything from snow to petals.

To get attention, multiple sequance fired confetti pots can create quite a stir among the audiance.


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