Started in 2006 from humble beginnings selling fireworks to the general public we have developed into a display company with skills to produce whatever you have in your minds eye.

With professional firework company's already established in the UK why start Uproar ?

A Simple Goal - Imaginative new displays and inovitive effects created by people with experience in the communications and events sector.

Having worked for over 20 years in corporate and special events we have what few other display companies posses, the knowledge of how things tick and the understanding of how to work within what is a very individual and unique industry.

Clients can ask for what seams on the face of it to be the impossible - the challenge facing us all is to come up with the solution

At Uproar that's where we shine.

We are commited to producing the solution that meets the criteria and deliver the product on time, in budget, with the creative flair that compliments your project no matter what the enviroment.


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